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Are you looking for the perfect activity for your stag or hen event? Are you looking for an activity that will challenge your mind as well as your body and provide you with an excellent opportunity to enjoy those final few days before your life changes forever? We at DAR Portsmouth offer the perfect activity for your stag or hen event – dynamic adventure racing. 



What is dynamic adventure racing?

In order for an activity to be considered a dynamic adventure racing, it must meet the following criteria:

It must consist of two or more disciplines.

It must include navigation, a strategy and route choice. 


When you think of a dynamic adventure racing activity, think about mountain biking, cross-country running, rock climbing combined with great navigation skills, a well-worked out route and well-thought through strategy that will ensure success. Some adventure racing expeditions can span over a few days while others can be completed within a few hours. During that time, the competition is immense as each group will be doing its utmost best to win the race. A dynamic racing adventure provides the perfect opportunity for you to get to see the competitive side of your loved ones in a safe, friendly and healthy manner. 


Features of DAR Portsmouth Adventure Racing

The main objective of DAR Portsmouth is to provide you with a portal with all information pertaining to adventure racing in the United Kingdom. We provide useful links and facts on all adventure races in the UK and on professional adventure racers as well.


Our main objectives are:


To further grow the concept of adventure racing in the UK by promoting and organizing different adventure racing events.

To give adventure racers a platform which they can use to compete against each other.



Corporate Teams

Our adventure racing activities are not only perfect for stag or hen events but they are also perfect for corporate teams. We engage your employees into this fun activity and ensure that they have a good time together while strengthening their bonds and bringing them together as a team.



We give utmost importance to safety and that is why our adventure racing activities are carried out under the supervision and guidance of experienced experts. We make sure that medical facilities are made available 24/7 to ensure the safety of your loved ones.



Affordable Packages

Our adventure racing packages are very affordable! We also offer customized packages which you can fully customized to meet your needs – you are free to determine the type of adventure racing that you want to partake in, the duration of the event and the amount of participants.



The Best of Both Worlds

There is definitely a difference between the typical stag and hen event and our adventure racing activity; however, if you choose our adventure racing activity for your stag or hen event, you can be assured that you will be getting the best of both worlds – the fun and excitement that comes with the night life and the challenge and thrill that comes with an adventure racing activity.


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It is time for you to book your adventure racing activity!! Just call us and we will provide you with in-depth information on the different packages we offer. Our representatives are always there to help and assist you. 


We guarantee you a fun and memorable event! You do not have to take our word for it! Just read the testimonials below.

Thank you for organizing a wonderful team building day for our employees. The day was organized excellently and within our budget. We enjoyed the food as it was delicious. We also appreciate the constant attention and genuine commitment throughout the entire event.
David F. Hartley
Belle Ladi


I just want to say thanks again for such an absolutely amazing race and one of the best 24 hours of my life! You did a wonderful job organising such a challenging and brilliant race and managed it so well. Thank you for making my hen weekend so special.
Jolene T. Patenaude